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Privacy Policy for The Communist Bloc Wiki

By using (hereafter 'the site') you agree that we are able to:

- Generate log files when you visit our website, which may include your IP, web browser, and which pages you access,

- Send browser cookies to your browser, for the purposes of providing us with analytics and other data required for the site to function,

- Use your email and any other information provided to us for the purposes of security.

By using the site, you agree for this data to be transferred to, and within, the European Union. The administrators with access to the data you provide may not reside within the European Union, or even be citizens, and you agree that they have the right to access and transfer your data outside of the European Union for the purposes of maintaining the site. We do not allow children to use the site, and if we discover that any registered users are younger than 13 we will terminate their account. This privacy policy extends only to the site's online activities.