Vice Delegate Act 2018

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Vice Delegate Act 2018
Central Committee
An act to establish the position of Vice Delegate.
Citation LA1AD12
Date passed February 21, 2018
Date signed February 21, 2018
Signed by Trabardia
Date commenced February 21, 2018
Administered by World Assembly Delegate
Introduced by Trabardia on behalf of the Trabardia Administration
Establishes the position of Vice Delegate as a safeguard for the region if the WA delegate ceases to exist.
Status: Current legislation

Vice Delegate Act 2018

An act to establish the position of Vice Delegate.​

Now, therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the order of the glorious Constitution of this People's Republic, by and with the advice and consent of the democratically elected representatives of the Central Committee, in holding the public mandate, in this present committee assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows-

ARTICLE I - Short Title​

(1) This act may be cited as the “Vice Delegate Act 2018”.

ARTICLE II - Definitions​

(2) “Principal Act” shall refer to the current bill here presented.

ARTICLE III - Provisions​

(4) The position of Vice Delegate is hereby established. The Vice Delegates shall be appointed by the World Assembly Delegate with approval from the General Secretary and shall serve at the pleasure of the World Assembly Delegate.

(5) The World Assembly Delegate is required to appoint a minimum of two Vice Delegates at a time.

  • (a) Upon the appointment of a Vice Delegate by the World Assembly Delegate, a regional poll shall be opened to vote for or against the appointment. All World Assembly, native nations will be able to vote in the poll. The poll shall last for 24 hours.

​ (6) The Vice Delegates are permitted to exceed the World Assembly endorsement cap set by the World Assembly Delegate. The Vice Delegates must not exceed the endorsement count of the World Assembly Delegate. All residents of the region will be encouraged to endorse the Vice Delegates to provide a safeguard in the event that the World Assembly Delegate ceases to exist.

(7) Should the World Assembly Delegate cease to exist, a Vice Delegate shall officially assume the office of Interim World Assembly Delegate until the General Secretary appoints a new World Assembly Delegate.

ARTICLE IV - Schedule​

(8) The principal act shall come into force immediately upon passage of the Central Committee with the signature of the General Secretary.

(Proposed and written by Trabardia with contributions from Lewis Flood, on behalf of the Trabardia Administration)