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Nathaniel Kuznetsov-Flood
Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office
January 21, 2018 – July 19. 2018
Preceded by Micha
Succeeded by Egaleca
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
July 19, 2018
Preceded by An Xiu
13th Premier
In office
May 19 2018 – September 9th, 2018
Preceded by Greedoguy
Member of the Central Committee
In office
February 17th, 2018 – October 23rd, 2018 (Passage of 26th Amendment)
2nd, Deputy General Secretary
Assumed office
August 15th, 2018
Preceded by Lewis Flood
Personal details
Born Nathaniel Alexander Penrose
August 18th, Revolution Year 73, First Era
Tiantang, United Socialist Republics of Ubertas
Citizenship Bloc and Ubertasian Citizen
Nationality Ubertasian
Political party None (Independent) Script error: No such module "Officeholder party tracking".
Other political
Workers' Party (formerly), Direct Action
Height 185.26 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Mother Maria Penrose
Father Alexander Penrose
Relatives Ewin Penrose (brother)
Residence The Rose Garden, Petrovsky Place, Capitol Island, Interregional District of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc
Education Dal Institute of Technology and the Sciences
Occupation Politician and Scientist
Known for Prominent figure in The Communist Bloc and Prominent Physicist and Ambassador in Ubertas
Civilian awards Order of the Republic, Order of Development, Order of the Dove, General Secretary's Star
Military service
Allegiance The People's Revolutionary Armed Forces aka PRAF
Service/branch Command
Years of service 1
Rank General
Military awards Order of Military Service, 2nd Class

Nathaniel Kuznetsov-Flood, formerly known as Nathaniel Alexander Penrose, commonly known as Nate P. or Nate, is an Ubertasian Politician, Scientist, Soldier, and Political Activist. Penrose is the current Ambassador of Ubertas to The Communist Bloc, and serves as a member and Premier of the Central Committee of The Communist Bloc, and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Penrose is also the former Minister of Domestic Affairs, and is responsible for bringing the Bloc out of its population deficit in early 2018, raising it from 800 to 1200 in just two months. Penrose is credited with helping to raise the soft power of Ubertas in the Bloc exponentially, and is often credited with making Ubertas the foreign powerhouse it is today.

Nathaniel Penrose is also well-known for his contributions to the scientific community, publishing his doctoral thesis "On the Subject of Space and Time" in 2009, which earned widespread acclaim for his insights into possible superluminal travel. He is also a known proponent against the weaponization and commercialization of space, writing many books on the subject. Penrose is also a very avid fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, giving talks about the show and becoming an icon within the communities as a host for many conventions and the occasional talkshow. He currently resides in Petrovsky Place within the Bloc's interregional capitol.

Early Life


Nathaniel Penrose was born on August 18th, 1991 to Maria and Alexander Penrose in Tiantang of the then Xianese Socialist Republic. His parents were strong supporters of Ubertas' then ruling Party, the All-Communist Unity Party of Ubertas (ACUPU), and held various local positions within it. As such, Penroses was given special perks, such as access to the best local schools, services, etc. Maria and Alexander were both political scholars, and published many well-known articles at the time in defense of the leninist United Socialist Republics they lived under. Maria elected once to the Party Politburo, a position she held for three years before retiring to raise her children.

Alexander was a prominent writer for Veritas, the state paper, and served as the local Deputy Commissar for the Commissariat of Information on multiple occasions. Alexander woulds constantly enforce the leninist doctrine upon his child, and even would go so far as to ship both his sons off to the Party School once they came of age. Alexander would eventually be imprisoned briefly for his support of the ruling party following the Ubertasian Social Revolution in Rev. Yr. 0, Second Era. He would go on to found the Ubertasian Unity Party.

Nathaniel's brother, Ewin, was born three years after Nathaniel, and is often cited as his greatest friend and confidante. Ewin would go on to eventually become a member of the Green Party of Ubertas.

Elementary, Middle, and High School School Years

Undergraduate and Graduate Years


Personal Life

Personal Views

Awards and Honors

Holder of the following awards (in order from left to right): Order of the Republic, Awarded by General Secretary Kael in June of 2018 Order of Development, Awarded by General Secretary Kael in June of 2018 Order of the Dove, Awarded by General Secretary Kael in June of 2018 General Secretary's Star, Awarded by General Secretary Lil'Stapler in August of 2018