General Secretary

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General Secretary of The Communist Bloc

since May 24, 2019
Term length 60 days
Constituting instrument The Constitution
Precursor President
Formation January 2016
First holder Josh Conure
Unofficial names GS, GenSec
Deputy Deputy General Secretary

The General Secretary is the head of government of the Communist Bloc, and is in charge of the executive branch as well. Their powers are analogous to those of the American President, with the ability to veto legislation, issue executive orders, direct the Cabinet, and command the armed forces.

The General Secretary is elected directly by the citizens of the Bloc to a term lasting 90 days; no legal restrictions on consecutive terms have ever been in force, though it is uncommon to serve more than two terms. Pytor Petrovsky holds the record for most terms served, having held the office for four consecutive terms.

The current General Secretary, C.A.D., is the nth General Secretary to serve, currently in the middle of his first term. He succeeded Lil'Stapler after his resignation.


The position of General Secretary was initially created by the Constitution initially ratified on the Zetaboards forum in late 2015. Elections held on the the forum saw Josh Conure become the position's first holder. After serving a term whose latter half was plagued by inactivity, Conure did not seek reelection, endorsing fellow forum administrator Zenny Winter instead.