Executive Order 8

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Executive Order 8
Executive Orders
Public Government Confidence​
Citation LA5EX8
Date signed May 8, 2016
Signed by Pytor Petrovsky
Date commenced May 8, 2016
Administered by The Executive Government
Repealed by Executive Order 17
Creates conditions for government run surveys.
Status: Substantially amended

Executive Order #008: Public Government Confidence​

08 May, 2017​

By the authority vested in me as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of TCB by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc, I hereby order as follows:

1) The administration shall have the authority to issue region-wide public opinion polls, at any given time, under the following criteria:

  • a) Government satisfaction and confidence.
  • b) Internal government policy and procedures.
  • c) Domestic and interregional key-issues.​

2) The administration shall not have the authority to issue public opinion polls, if such polls fall under the following criteria:

  • a) Sensitive or personal information.
  • b) Non-government related issues.
  • c) Electoral or judiciary issues.​

3) The administration must issue a region-wide public opinion poll on government satisfaction and confidence, two weeks before a General Secretary election cycle. This poll shall include the following questions, using (s8.a):

  • a) How would you rate the current administration as a whole?
  • b) How would you rate the General Secretary performance?
  • c) How would you rate the Premier’s performance?
  • d) How would you rate the Central Committee’s performance?​

4) In compliance with (s3), the poll must also include a question regarding performance for each principal government official and Central Committee member, in the following manner:

  • a) How would you rate the performance of [position] [name]?​

5) All public opinion polls issued by this Executive Order shall be made in an anonymous, public and independent manner, and shall be non-binding, with no legal significance.

6) All public opinion polls shall be open to the public for a maximum of 48 hours, this may be extended at the discretion of the administration. Public disclosure of public opinion polls must be made no longer than 96 hours, after the closure of the poll.

7) All public opinion polls must be announced in all official communication channels and social media, and must include links to the poll form and results of the poll.

8) All public opinion polls must have an opinion textarea or section, for comments, suggestions or opinions that may not be eligible for the question. Polls may use any of the following appropriate formats that suits the question in hand:

  • a) One-to-five rating format.
  • b) Yea-or-nay format.
  • c) Custom multiple selection format.
  • b) Free textarea format.​

8) Any citizen may petition the administration to issue a public opinion poll. The administration may comply at its own discretion.

9) If a petition is supported by no less than eight citizens, and such petition is in compliance of (s1) and (s2), the administration shall issue a public opinion poll.

9) This Executive Order was written by Pytor Petrovsky.

10) This Executive Order goes into effect immediately after signing.