Executive Order 2

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Executive Order 2
Executive Orders
Creation and Organisation of the People’s Roleplay Council​
Citation LA5EX2
Date signed November 26, 2016
Signed by Pytor Petrovsky
Date commenced November 26, 2016
Administered by People's Roleplay Council & Minister of Culture
Creates the framework for the People's Roleplay Council to exist.
Status: Current legislation

Executive Order #002: Creation and Organisation of the People’s Roleplay Council​

26th of November, 2016​

By the authority vested in me as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of TCB by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc, I hereby order as follows:

1) A new organisation shall be created under the management of the Ministry of Culture, under the following conditions;

  • a) It shall be named the “People’s Roleplay Council”​
  • b) It shall be represented by a logo designed and chosen by the Ministry of Culture​
  • c) Its members shall be chosen by the people, in elections every 2 months (to be managed by the MoC)​
    • i) There shall be a minimum of 5 seats in the council, with the exact number being chosen by the MoC​
    • ii) Any citizen, in good standing, may be a member of the Council, including members of the Central Committee and the executive​
    • iii) Voting shall be anonymous, and polls should be kept open for 48 hours​
    • iv) The standing period shall be 4 days​
    • v) Elections may not take place at the same time as either CC or executive elections​
    • vi) The MoC may dismiss any member of the Council, after giving appropriate reasoning​
  • d) Its members shall have the power to write and pass “roleplay legislation”​
    • i) Roleplay legislation shall not be defined as laws and are not binding on members of the region, nor shall have any effect on the government or running of the region​
    • ii) Legislation shall be presented by members of the Council, and shall be debated by those members​
    • iii) After debate, legislation may be voted on by the council; if the following vote achieves 50%+1 then it shall be treated as passed​
    • iv) After legislation is passed, it must then be signed by the Council’s President​
    • v) Roleplay legislation may be amended or overturned by the Council at their discretion​
    • vi) Roleplay legislation may also be struck down by the MoC, after appropriate reasoning is provided​
  • e) The Council shall be managed day-to-day by a President​
    • i) This President shall be a member of the elected council who are nominated by internal vote and then approved by the MoC​
    • ii) The Council’s President shall have the power to manage the Council’s forum board​
    • iii) The Council’s President shall have the power to manage debates and votes in the Council​
    • iv) The Council’s President must step-down if a Vote of no Confidence is passed by the Council or if the MoC dismisses them​
    • v) The Council’s President must sign any passed legislation, before it can be treated as “law”​
  • f) No political parties or organisations may be established nor run in connection with the Council​

2) This executive order goes into effect immediately upon signing

3) This executive order was written by Lewis Flood, on behalf of the Petrovsky Administration