Executive Order 16

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Executive Order 16
Executive Orders
An Order to reform the Civil Service of The Communist Bloc, to streamline the process.
Citation LA5EX16
Date signed August 7, 2018
Signed by Lil'Stapler
Administered by General Secretary
Fixes the Civil Service and Repeals Executive Order 6
Status: Current legislation

Executive Order #016

The Office of the General Secretary August 7, 2018

An Order to reform the Civil Service of The Communist Bloc, to streamline the process.

By the authority vested in me as General Secretary of TCB by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc, I hereby order as follows:

Executable actions

1) The organization named the “Civil Service of The Communist Bloc”, abbreviated as CSTCB shall be modified under the following conditions;

a) It shall manage all government staff, excluding:

  • i) PRAF Soldiers
  • ii) The Central Committee, The Premier, The General Secretary and other legally established bodies

b) The General Secretary or Deputy General Secretary shall assign willing citizens to the Ministry(ies) of their own choosing.

  • i) The Ministers may overturn the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretaries original placement at any time and may remove volunteers at their own discretion, however the General Secretary is entitled to move volunteers at will for the purpose of ensuring that each Ministry has a sufficient workforce.
  • ii) A forum shall be used for applications, and Ministers shall be entitled to accept applications.
  • iii) The CSTCB shall include a field on all new citizenship applications that shall query whether the applicant wishes to volunteer for the government. If the answer is in the affirmative, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs shall contact the applicant to educate the applicant on their options in regards to the CSTCB and volunteering.

c) It shall take charge of all regional staffers and volunteers, and shall dismiss any who are not active, or who are negatively impacting departments and projects

d) It shall be headed by the General Secretary with assistance from the Deputy General Secretary

  • i) The Deputy General Secretary shall manage and maintain all relevant documents and forum threads
  • ii) The General Secretary shall decide on all internal TCBCS procedure

e) CSTCB shall aim to recruit a large percentage of the bloc forum users to assist in government operations

Schedule and Notes

2) This Executive Order goes into effect immediately upon signing

3) This Executive Order hereby repeals Executive Order 6

4) This Executive Order shall not affect the rights of all current volunteers, and the current Civil Service shall be legally merged into the reformed Civil Service.

5) This Executive Order was written by Lil’ Stapler, with assistance from Lewis Flood