Executive Order 14

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Executive Order 14
Executive Orders
An Order to permanently increase the democratic accountability of the office of General Secretary.​
Citation LA5EX14
Date signed April 16, 2018
Signed by Tarrin Kael
Administered by General Secretary
Repealed by Twenty-third Amendment
Creates more democratic accountability by making the GS independant.
Status: Repealed

Executive Order #014​

The Office of the General Secretary April 16, 2018

An Order to permanently increase the democratic accountability of the office of General Secretary.​

By the authority vested in me as General Secretary of The Communist Bloc by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc, I hereby order as follows:

Executable actions

1: At the soonest practicable occasion, the office of the General Secretary shall establish some form of public suggestion box, in order that the so the residents may put forward proposals to, and directly petition the executive branch of Government. This to operate in a similar manner as the General Gallery, but with the GS as the recipient rather than the CC. The GS, or a representative of the executive branch shall be required to answer any query posted within 48hrs.

2: In recognition that the GS must not favour any one political faction (or party) to the detriment of any other, all future candidates, once elected to the office of General Secretary, must immediately resign any current party membership, and serve out their term as a neutral party.

3: In recognition of the unfair political advantage it may bring, once elected to the office of General Secretary, the incumbent is henceforth required to refrain from endorsing the campaign of any candidate or party, in any election, for the duration of their term as GS.

4: The executive branch shall be forbidden from showing any bias in favour of either the single or multi-party system, and shall be required to be uphold the right of the citizens to determine their preferred system of government.

5a: In order to improve democratic accountability, upon election the General secretary shall be required to seek the direct approval of the public, by means of a Yes/No vote, on each of the proposed cabinet personnel. 5b: In order to maintain the checks and balances required, so as to prevent one branch of the government from deliberately paralysing another for political gain, whilst consultation of the CC shall be encouraged, their consent and approval - beyond that of participating in the public vote - shall not be required.

Schedule and Notes

6: This Executive Order goes into effect immediately upon signature of the General Secretary.

7: This Executive Order may be neither repealed or modified without the approval of the Central Committee.

8: This Executive Order was written by Tarrin Kael, the incumbent General Secretary.