Executive Order 13

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Executive Order 13
Executive Orders
An Order to sever ties with the USSD, and to make its founder Persona Non Grata​.
Citation LA5EX13
Date signed January 30, 2018
Signed by Trabardia
Administered by Minister of Foreign Affairs
Marks the official executive response to the USSD fascist incident.
Status: Current legislation

Executive Order #013​

January 31, 2018

An Order to sever ties with the USSD, and to make its founder Persona Non Grata​.

By the authority vested in me as General Secretary of The Communist Bloc by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc, I hereby order as follows:

Definitions and Clarifications

1: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an integral part of the Executive Government of the Communist Bloc. Pursuant to that fact, all powers granted in statute to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are inherently exercisable by the General Secretary.

2: The founder and de-facto dictator of the region ‘USSD’ is an ambassador to the Communist Bloc, and heads its embassy, who goes by the name ‘Attero’ in the Communist Bloc and as ‘Vetelo’ in ‘USSD’. For the purpose of this order, they shall be referred to as ‘Vetelo’.

3: While ‘USSD’ is a leftist region, it has unapologetically partaken in anti-leftist activities, both militarily and through their independent actions.

4: ‘Vetelo’ has shown himself, through communications with a prominent figure in the region of ‘KAISERREICH’, to be anti-leftist, fascist and imperialist. He has betrayed the leftist cause, and leads his region under the facade of authoritarian communism.

5: The Communist Bloc, along with the wider NationStates left community, condemn and denounce any form of fascism and deceit by members claiming to represent the cause of anti-fascism.

6: ‘Vetelo’ has the audacity to pose as fighting against fascism on the dispatch section of his region, while simultaneously hiding his own dealings with the government of a far-right, imperialist region from his own people.

7: Official Bloc Communications are defined as the Discord server, the forum or other platform used by the Bloc.

Executable Actions

8: Under the Embassy Standards Act 2017, the embassy with the ‘USSD’ is hereby revoked, and all ambassadors from the region are blacklisted and are to be removed from the region.

9: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall immediately remove all ambassadors to the ‘USSD’ and its associated regions, and shall shut down all embassies in said regions.

10: ‘Vetelo’ is hereby officially condemned by The Communist Bloc, and is forbidden from associating with, joining or otherwise communicating with any members of the region through official Bloc means.

11: ‘Vetelo’ is hereby forbidden from becoming a citizen, or acquiring any other type of visa or access rights to the region. Any attempt to join under false pretences shall be classed as Deception under the Criminal Law. Any attempts to assist in the infiltration of the region alongside ‘Veleto’ shall be classed as Treason under the Criminal Law.

12: ‘Vetelo’ is hereby declared to be an enemy of the region, and Persona Non Grata.

13: All member nations of the ‘USSD’ who make the decision to apply for citizenship within the region shall be required to take an oath denouncing the government of the ‘USSD’, renouncing their citizenship of ‘USSD’, and publicly swearing never to associate or conspire with any member of the ‘USSD’ to cause harm to region.

14: The Executive Government of the Communist Bloc may enter into negotiations with the Government of the ‘USSD’ either unilaterally or as part of a coalition, and this Executive Order may be amended or removed as part of a treaty or agreement.

Schedule and Notes

15: This Executive Order goes into effect immediately upon signature of the General Secretary.

16: This Executive Order was written by Lewis Kuznetsov-Flood on behalf of the wider cabinet.