Executive Order 11

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Executive Order 11
Executive Orders
Repeal Section 5 of Executive Order #005
Citation LA5EX11
Date signed November 8, 2017
Signed by Martyn Kiryu
Amends Executive Order #005.
Status: Current legislation

Executive Order #011 - Repeal Section 5 of Executive Order #005

8th November 2017​

By the authority vested in me as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of TCB by the Constitution and the laws of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc, I hereby order as follows:

(1) Executive Order #005 shall have article (5) stricken. It shall be replaced with the following:

(5) No citizenship application made during an election or referendum is to be processed until that election or referendum ends.​

(2) This executive order shall go into effect immediately upon being signed by the General Secretary.

(3) This executive order was written by Martyn Kiryu on behalf of the Kiryu Administration, upon request of the Minister of Domestic Affairs.