Administrative Affairs Act 2017

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Administrative Affairs Act 2017
Central Committee
An act to overhaul the current Administration Act, the administration council and other related areas.
Citation LA1AD9
Date passed November 6, 2017
Date signed November 12, 2017
Signed by Martyn Kiryu
Date commenced November 12, 2017
Administered by Administrative Council
Introduced by Lewis Flood
Sets up-to-date procedure and rules for the administrative branch and technical affairs.
Status: Current legislation

Administrative Affairs Act 2017

An act to overhaul the current Administration Act, the administration council and other related areas.​

Now, therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the order of the glorious Constitution of this People's Republic, by and with the advice and consent of the democratically elected representatives of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party, in holding the public mandate, in this present committee assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows-

ARTICLE I - Short Title​

(1) This act may be cited as the “Administrator Act 2017”.

ARTICLE II - Definitions​

(2) “Admin Council” shall refer to the Administrative Council established in Article III.

(3) “Head Admin” shall refer to the Head Administrator.

(4) “Principal Act” shall refer to the current bill here presented.

ARTICLE III - The Council and Head Administrator​

(5) LA1AD1 - “The Administration Act 2016” shall be repealed in its entirety, along with all relevant amendments.

(6) “The Administrative Council” is hereby established, composed of a minimum of three members, and a maximum of five.

  • a) The Administrative Council shall be composed of all Administrators appointed by the Head Administrator.
  • b) The Administrative Council shall be tasked with overseeing operation of the forums, ensuring that content and behaviour complies with Scaleway's Terms and Rules and Namecheap's Terms of Service. The Council shall be the administrative branch of the Government of the People's Republic.​

(7) The Chair and leading figure of the Administrative Council shall be the “Head Administrator”

  • a) The established Head Administrator shall be Pytor Petrovsky, as root admin and server administrator.
  • b) The Head Administrator shall be the ultimate authority in appointing and dismissing Administrators and Moderators, excluding during Votes of Contempt against them.
  • i) The General Secretary shall ex-officio hold global moderation status, including the ability to edit the forum banner. These powers may be removed by either the Head Administrator or Council if misused.​
  • c) The Head Administrator may resign at any time, and put forward a replacement candidate to the Administrative Council, to be approved by majority vote.​

(8) The Administrative Council shall have the power to issue Administrative Orders, which may:

  • a) Modify the rules established in LA1AD6 - Discord Moderation Act 2017.
  • b) Delay elections by up to 7 days, if said election causes clashes with other (legal) mechanism, election or event.
  • c) Perform any other applicable, reasonable Administrative action.
  • d) To issue an order, a council member should propose a draft, and an Order shall only be passed if a majority of members and the Head Administrator assent to the Order.​

(9) Members of the Administration Council shall have the power to ban or arrest a person should they believe that their actions violate the terms of service, or breach the legal code of the Republic. The arresting official shall report the crime and submit supporting evidence to the People's Tribunal where a charge will be brought about by the Government of the People's Republic.

  • a) Offences related exclusively to the regional discord chat shall be exempt from this section.
  • b) An arrested person shall have restrictions applied to their account; including but not limited to post limitations, personal message limitations and viewing rights.​

(10) Members of the Administration Council shall have the power to appoint section moderators who will have limited moderation powers over certain aspects of the forums. A section moderator shall not be considered a member of the Administration Council, nor shall Discord Moderators.

(11) The People's Tribunal shall have the authority to order a temporary suspension of administrative privilege in the instance that an administrator is accused of a crime until a time when the court reaches a verdict.

(12) The Central Committee of the Workers' Party shall have the authority to, by 2/3 majority vote, remove an administrator or global moderator. This includes the Head Administrator, however a mediation period of a week must be in effect before such a vote can go ahead.

  • a) The Head Administrator cannot overturn Central Committee decisions regarding administrator appointments, however they may re-appoint administrators after a minimum of 2 months.​

(13) The Administrative Council may vote to remove the Head Administrator by unanimous internal vote, to be referred to as a “Vote of Contempt”.

(14) During a State of Emergency declared by the Central Committee, the following powers shall be held by the Administrative Council for the duration of the SoE:

  • a) Plenary Judicial Powers
  • b) Legislative Powers, through Administrative Orders
  • c) Supreme Executive Powers​

(15) During times of crisis, the Administrative Council may, in the absence of legislative and executive action, take emergency actions to preserve the integrity of the region, subject to legal review after the fact.

ARTICLE IV - Schedule​

(16) The principal act shall come into force immediately upon passage of the Central Committee with the signature of the General Secretary.

(Proposed and written by Lewis Kuznetsov-Flood, on behalf of the Interim Administrative Council)